Dum Biryani Restaurants in San Diego

San Diego Hyderabad Dum Chicken Biryani © SanDiegoIndia.usHyderabad Dum Chicken Biryani
Biryani is the new buzz word raking the Indian restaurants in major cities of U.S.

San Diego is no exception to this.

Biryani is an aromatic, spicy rice dish prepared with Cloves, Bay Leaves, Cardamom, Marati Mogga, Cinnammon, Garlic, Ginger, Mint spices and Basmati rice.

Biryani rice dish can be vegetarian or includes chicken, lamb, goat, prawns and fish.

Also, according to the cooking method, Biryani comes either in Dum Biryani or regular Biryani form.

While the spices are similar, Hyderabad Dum Biryani is cooked on a slow flame for several hours with alternate layers of rice, spices, vegetables and/or meat and with a tight lid.

San Diego Biryani Joints

San Diego is home to a few Biryani restaurants offering both Hyderabad Dum Biryani and regular Biryani.

Offered in multiple kinds - Chicken Dum Biryani, Goat Dum Biryani, Fish Dum Biryani, Vegetable Dum Biryani and Egg Dum Biryani, Hyderabad Dum Biryani joints are often owned and managed by Telugu speaking people from the state of Andhra Pradesh or Telengana in South India.

Depending on the variety and the restaurant, Biryani is priced between $8.99 to 14.99.

Here's a list of Indian restaurants offering Hyderabad Dum Biryani and regular Biryani in San Diego:

Bawarchi Dosa
9520 Black Mountain Rd Ste A
San Diego, CA 92108
Ph: 858-578-3672
Hyderabad Chicken Dum Biryani, Veg Dum Biryani, Goat Dum Biryani, Bawarchi Special Biryani

Biriyani Factory
9474 Black Mountain Rd, Ste E
San Diego, CA 92126
Ph: 858-566-3700
Bezawada Biryani, Veg Biryani, Lamb Biryani

Sher E Punjab
9254 Scranton Rd, Ste 102
San Diego, CA 92121
Ph: 858-458-2858
Regular Biryani

Spice Lounge
859 Hornblend St
San Diego, CA 92109
Ph: 858-272-1600
Chicken, Lamb, Veg, Fish & Shrimp Biryani

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